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Interlibrary Loan

Occasionally, members of the Stephens College community need materials that are not available at the Stephens Library or through the MOBIUS Catalog. The library can request materials, free of charge for the Stephens' community, from other libraries for your use.

Tips for Prompt ILL Service

Plan Ahead!  Please plan ahead for your research source materials.  Obtaining materials through Interlibrary Loan does take time. Allow about one week for book requests and three to four weekdays for articles.

Order the Right Thing. Some items can not be obtained via Interlibrary Loan.

  • Items likely to be filled:
    • Regularly circulating books
    • Journal articles with full citations (no more than 3 articles from the same journal)
  • Items NOT likely to be filled:
    • Reference books
    • Reserve items
    • Audio/Visual materials (i.e. tapes, CDs, videos, records)
    • Rare or old books
    • Entire issues of journals
    • Current editions of textbooks

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